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Car Wash Attendant Reveal

What can "The Prospector" do for you and your car wash employees??

6 months ago I gave Cole (Car Wash Attendant) the job of cleaning out the vacuums at our wash. I installed 6 prototype "Prospector Clean Out Buckets" in our self serve vacuums. I let him know that in December at the end of the year I would reveal how much $$$ in coin was separated from the vacuum dirt or "Pay Dirt" as we like to call it. $402.86 was retrieved, which comes out to an average of $11.19 per vacuum per month. 

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The car wash show was great! Can't wait for next year!


Thank you to all who stopped by and said hello, and thank you for all the orders! We struck the mother lode.........Kleen-Rite will now be our main distributor in North America!!!

Are you still throwing $$$ away???

Stop throwing $$$ Away!

Car Wash Owners! Are you still throwing your money in the garbage? Have you ever noticed the silver and copper treasures (coins) in your vacuum debris canisters? I did, and that is why I invented "The Prospector Vacuum Clean Out Bucket". I didn't want to throw money away, but I also didn't want to sift through the dirt and debris with my bare hands either. After many prototypes and trial and error "The Prospector Clean Out Bucket" was born. "The Prospector" does the sifting/work for you, with it's triple handle design, false bottom, and 162 individual slightly less than dime size holes. You and your car wash attendants will be able to embark on an exploratory mining expedition each and every time you clean out your vacuums! Order now and Find Pay Dirt!       

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Great Gift for yourself, favorite car wash owner, or employee!!

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Vacuum Prospector

210 E Elm Ave, Hermiston, OR 97838, US

(541) 567-2119